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Rosh Mathew is a young Christian leading Evangelist from India and an anointed prophetic voice to this generation.
He lived the life of violence, negativity, and addiction at his teenage years but the love of God broke into Rosh’s life and led him to Christ.
He had a mighty Encounter with the Holyghost and received the vision and call to go into the world and preach the Gospel at his age of 21 ( Mark 16:15)
The ministry so far touched thousands of people in India and different nations through revival conferences, crusades, different meetings and social media platforms. God was faithful to make Rosh as an instrument to do mighty miracles ,healings and deliverance throughout his ministry.

Rosh’s burning heart is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world and preach to every creature and fulfilling the great commandment which God has give to us. Mathew (Mark 16:15),(Mathew 24:14)

Rosh believe there will be mighty move of God in this generation and a great revival that will take place in the end time. God is using Rosh for equipping men and women of God from different part of the world to carry the good news, the Gospel to this world through his God orientated mission called REVIVALNOWMISSION.

As an itinerant preacher Rosh travels across India and internationally to empower the body of Christ which impact thousands of lives and churches all over the world.


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